Murderer’s Testimony

Jan 10th, 2011 by admin | 0

Here is another serial killer and rapist that the Lord has saved. This is ten murderers that have been saved after hearing our program within the last two or three years. This one experience is worth all of the money we have spent and trouble of any kind us and the brethren in Liberia have gone through. Please continue to pray.

What joy to praise my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for what His doing in my life through listening to 88.5 fm missionary voice of africa. I remember 14 years ago i fought the Liberian civil  as a child soldier  at the tender age of 12 years, was given  arms by charles talyor h president of LIberia. I KILLED lots of people even rape women but i thank God for your radio program, it was Friday, October 15 about 6pm, while listening to missionary baptist voice of africa, a voice echoing there is hope and peace in Jesus only He alone can saved, that day i will never forget, tearing like rain begun to pour down my cheek, i could not control it, there i ask Jesus to come into my life and saved me. later it was annouce on the radio that there were cds for free for those who need them, i when at the radio station in Paynesville and they gave me two cds and  invited me to the town point missionary baptist church which i am now attending regularly. that guilt and all bad feeling have gone away from my life. i still need your prayer pastor don curtis, that is why i told the station to listen to my testismonies. i now have joy, praise Jesus. I’m now a 26 years old man, i am a farmer and have three children and married and my whole family now listen to your program and our whole household is saved
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