Testimonies from Listeners

Jan 10th, 2011 by admin | 0

Below are two testimonies that we have received from listeners.

Dear Preacher,
I often wonder if one can forgive ones enemy. That was my case and I knew that it was my old self speaking. because I was not saved, not to talk about being under conviction.I went about with bitterness in my heart and the only way of salvation was love and I didn’t have it. and a scripture kept appearing in my heart(Matt:28:48-49).  I didn’t love God because I didn’t show love to my eneminies and I was lost. I listen to a radio program which was yours on BCA and I discovered I was unviel, my true state of mind your message confirmed the scripture. My God! how I wept not for joy, but of guilt and I couldn’t stop immediately. for days I was in that condition then one night I felt the burden which seem a heavy load to me was roll away of me. I felt peace settle on my spirit then I know I was saved. Your next programe I took down the address and wrote. I am saved.
[name removed]

Dear Radio preacher,
I want to congratulate your on the continous success of your radio program. I am staying in the North where we have B.R.C. I got saved when I listened to “Baptism In Relation To His Death” and since then the burden left I know I have been discharge and acquitted by God and his spirit strengthen me to overcome temptation and culvate godly qualities. fortify me to endure trials. I would say I was a normal church goer but never knew what it was to be saved, now on this letter side I imagine how others are when they really feel his presence because of his Spirit. I have that conformation in my spirit and am really blessed.
[name removed]

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