About Us

We have been on radio stations in many places of the world for several years. People in other countries and here at home, have asked that we get a web site. This we are doing as we feel that the Lord would be honored by the preaching of his grace  in the salvation of a lost sinner. Brother Jason Lambert of Bowling Green Kentucky is the builder of this site.

Elder Eugene Brown was instrumental in getting me involved in the International preaching. Since 1997 we have been personally going to countries that have heard our broadcasts; to assist in starting Missions at their request. Since then, we have organized four churches in Ghana, West Africa and another Mission to be organized this fall. We have organized a church in Mombasa, Kenya, East Africa and it also has Missions going out of it to cities and villages over the country.

The official name of the radio program is “Wells of Salvation”, and this ministry is broadcast all over the world under the authority of Union Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Homer Georgia.  The church is located at 747 Union Hill Church Road, Homer, GA 30547.  If you are ever in the area, we’d love to have you stop by and worship with us!

We have had a pretty large number of people saying the Lord has saved them through the radio programs and listening to the free CDs we send out to everyone that wants one. I don’t know the exact number of people who have truly been saved, as the true number is known only to the Lord.

We have received letters of salvation from prostitutes, murderers, all kinds of gang members, robbers, lawyers, doctors and all kinds of professional people. Only God could do these wonderful things. To him goes ALL of the honor and glory for his saving power to all who will repent and trust in the finished work of his Son.

“All Glory and Praise to the Lamb that was slain……”