Blessed Already

Jan 10th, 2011 by admin | 0

I just wanted to thank each one that had any part at all in our buying the radio station in Liberia. That includes just one prayer.

I received mail today from the station about some people being saved. They said it was from hearing our station there that they got under conviction and got saved.

One man said he raped and killed women during their civil war. That makes seven men in the last two years that were murderers before they heard our messages on the radio or by CD and got saved.
Just during this short time that we have been on this new station; the Lord has smiled on the work of our Old Time Baptists. So just keep the sermons and lessons, experiences, etc. coming. I’m so happy that everyone now knows it is not just a few of us that is doing the radio work, but it is the combined effort of all of our preachers and churches  from Old Time Baptist  that is now doing the work. Please don’t quit praying for many more to be saved.

Again, Thanks a million to you all

Bro. Paul

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